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West Vancouver is my home.  This is where I spent formative years of my childhood and where I returned to raise my children.  I care deeply about this community and am honored to serve it. 


Since I was first elected in 2011, I have tried to bring a principled, thoughtful and balanced approach to my work on Council.  I have done my best to seek out and listen to all voices in the community and have tried to find common ground where possible.  I have helped many residents resolve their local concerns and have advocated forcefully for West Vancouver at the regional and provincial levels. 

West Vancouver faces considerable challenges related to finding appropriate housing for our residents and key workers, resolving local and regional traffic congestion, meeting future infrastructure needs, protecting our environment and relieving the considerable tax burden on our residents.  These issues cannot be ignored.  Working together, we can and will chart a path forward that addresses these challenges while maintaining and enhancing both our quality of life and what we love about our community.


Please don't hesitate to contact me at or 604-828-0805 if there is any way I can be of assistance.  

To sign up for my twice yearly civic newsletters, please subscribe at the bottom of this page.  I promise to send very few emails. 


To read my blog on civic issues click here.

To read my 2018 civic platform please click here.

Listen to Craig explain why he is running for Council

Listen to Craig explain why he is running for Council

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I have proven my abilities on Council over the past seven years.


I bring a cooperative, constructive approach to Council.


I believe that the success of a community is measured by how it addresses the needs of its members.

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