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My 2018 Platform

Over the next four years, I will focus on making progress in the following areas, among others:

  • Implementing the recommendations of the Integrated North Shore Transportation Planning Process regarding road infrastructure, transit and alternative modes of transportation and continuing to work collaboratively with North Shore elected officials to ameliorate transportation. 

  • Advocating at Translink and with the provincial government for road infrastructure and transit investments in West Vancouver, commensurate with our financial contribution.  

  • Advocating specifically for transit improvements for commuters through the District from Squamish and the Sunshine Coast;  

  • Advocating for the approval of ride sharing in Metro Vancouver;

  • Completing the Spirit Trail over the Capilano River to safeguard pedestrians and cyclists;

  • Ensuring the preservation of existing parking in Ambleside until viable alternatives are available and supporting the creation of additional public parking where possible; and

  • Guiding development to ensure it is transit and pedestrian friendly, thereby minimizing automobile usage.


Urban Planning
  • Implementing the recently approved Official Community Plan that seeks to balance modest growth with maintenance of existing community character;

  • Completing a local area plan for Ambleside that meets the expectations of residents and enhances the “village-like” character while also meeting future needs;

  • Completing a local area plan for Cypress Village that sets out a vision of a sustainable, attainable and complete community; and

  • Completing a local area plan for Horseshoe Bay that enhances its unique character and reinforces its role as a vibrant hub for western residents.


Residential Housing Complex
  • Ensuring the construction of diverse forms of housing that West Vancouver residents tell us that they need, including;

    • Housing for seniors at different stages

    • Housing for those wanting to downsize

    • Housing for young families

    • Housing for young adults

    • Housing for local employees

    • Housing for those with special needs

  • Supporting, more specifically, the preservation of existing rental housing and the construction of new purpose built housing, on municipal and private lands;

  • Advocating and implementing measures to discourage speculation in residential property so that the housing that is built goes to meet the needs of West Vancouver residents;

  • Introducing measures to discourage vacant houses;

  • Introducing further regulations to better ensure that new housing fits into existing neighbourhoods (following the recommendations of the recently established working group);

  • Strengthening “good neighbour” bylaws to ensure that all properties are properly maintained, and ensuring enforcement of these bylaws; and

  • Strengthening “construction” bylaws to ensure that development projects are less disruptive for the neighbours - including consideration of fees to incentivize developers to complete projects in a timely manner.

Housing and Neighbourhood Character

Theater Lights
  • Implementing the Arts and Culture Strategy, including supporting and coordinating the work of arts and culture organizations;

  • Supporting renewal of existing arts and culture facilities and organizations and introduction of new facilities;

  • Advocating for a re-imagined future of Klee Wyck that honours the legacy of Dr. Ethlyn Trapp;

  • Introduction of a family-friendly beach restaurant at Ambleside (possibly built on the site of the existing concession);

  • Supporting a new, appropriate home for the Ambleside Youth Centre that meets the needs of local youth (possibly in conjunction with a sports field house);

  • Supporting a new track and artificial turf field at West Vancouver High School;

  • Supporting the work of North Shore Immigrant Inclusion Partnership, the West Vancouver Library and the West Vancouver Community Centre and similar organizations to foster integration of new arrivals to West Vancouver;

  • Supporting the work of Hollyburn Family Services and similar organizations to ensure that needy members of the community have appropriate care;

  • Finding a new location for Seniors Day Care to address the challenges and stresses on family members due to aging individuals; and 

  • Supporting appropriate transportation measures for seniors - including dedicated shuttles - so that they can continue to participate fully in their community.

Services and Facilities

  • Advocating for the interests of West Vancouver taxpayers at the regional and provincial level to strongly oppose unfair implementation of the additional school tax, speculation tax, etc; 

  • Maintaining pressure on District operating expenditures to ensure that property tax increases track inflation to the extent possible; 

  • Ensuring adequate reserves are maintained to meet long term capital infrastructure costs;

  • Opposing significant increase in municipal staffing, unless costs are covered by matching revenue increases (not additional property taxes); 

  • Supporting the diversification of West Vancouver’s revenues to decrease overemphasis on residential property taxes; and

  • Continuing West Vancouver’s leadership in transparent and consultative budgeting. 


Woodland Path
  • Implementing the Community Energy and Emissions Plan, including measures to encourage the energy efficiency of residential construction; 

  • Preserving the Upper Lands pursuant to the recommendations of the Upper Lands working group;

  • Continuing to implement the recommendations of the Parks Master Plan working group; 

  • Supporting “smart growth” or environmentally sustainable development; 

  • Continuing shoreline preservation measures and completing an updated shoreline protection plan. 


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