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What I offer on Council


I have demonstrated my abilities on Council over the past seven years.  I understand the community, the challenges it faces and the role that Council plays in providing solutions.  I know how to get things done.


My professional skill set has proven to be an asset. I bring strong analytical skills and a sound understanding of fact-based decision making. My training and experience in alternative dispute resolution provide me with a deep understanding of conflict and how it can best be resolved. I have strong communication skills, and work productively in teams and in high stress environments.


I have an independent mind and am a critical thinker. Prior to making a decision, I study and weigh all competing viewpoints and relevant facts. When making a decision, I clearly articulate how and why I have arrived at that decision. I have an open mind and approach municipal issues carefully, thoughtfully and with sensitivity.

I will continueto build consensus and attempt to balance differing viewpoints, and to promote creative and cost saving solutions to difficult problems.  At the same time, I am able to make challenging decisions when the need arises.


I bring a cooperative, constructive approach to Council. I am pragmatic and will consistently offer positive and collaborative problem-solving perspectives. Dialogue always benefits from civility and disputes always benefit from a focus on solutions.  I can work successfully with disparate personalities on Council and within the community.  I have excellent working relationships with District staff.

I strive to foster and encourage community involvement in West Vancouver’s governance. I appreciate, support and will seek to further the fine work done by the District’s numerous volunteer committees and working groups. I will continue to search for new and more effective ways of engaging a broad spectrum of West Vancouver’s citizens. I believe it is Council’s role to seek and reflect the will of the community. I am available and approachable to the public. I will always remain open to and fully consider feedback from residents. I also support Council decision-making being as open and transparent as possible.


I chose to raise my family here and am both passionate about and committed to West Vancouver for the long term. I have immersed myself in the various facets of the community’s operations and always seek to be better informed and more prepared. After sevenyears on the job, I continue to embrace the challenge of resolving municipal issues, large and small.

I appreciate West Vancouver’s unparalleled treasures and want to ensure they are preserved and enhanced. At the same time, I want West Vancouver to fulfill its potential and remain a safe, healthy and vibrant community into the future.


I believe that the success of a community is measured by how it addresses the needs of its members. West Vancouver is a caring community.


To the best of our abilities, I believe we should strive to balance the diverse needs of all West Vancouver residents. The elderly need appropriate places to live and services as they age. Young children need to have facilities to educate and nurture them. Teens need to have spaces to gather, learn and express themselves. Parents need support, amenities and recreational outlets. Newcomers need to be welcomed and have avenues to join the community.   


I will fill my role in a manner that is caring, respectful and considerate towards all of my constituents.

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